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About Kristie May

Hi, I’m Kristie May, an Australian Artist and Writer. I am multi-passionate, and I love to inspire and help people, as well as be creative and entrepreneurial. I also love beautiful things and sharing them with the world.


I really love travel and photography, and this has taken me across the world to 37 countries so far.
I’ve taken photos in some rare and unique places, and I look forward to sharing these with you. I have also been the photographer for fashion, business and personal sales, as well as at special events. I enjoy being a part of the styling process, and I like to create my own artwork as well.


I love writing motivation quotes, poems, short stories, and self-help books. The majority of my posts on social media will be short pieces designed to help, influence, and inspire people. I love using analogies and feelings in my work, and aim to be genuine and authentic to real life. I have experience in writing material and courses for businesses and can include photography and websites as well.


As a qualified teacher and trainer, I have many years experience in public speaking, coaching and influencing people. I spent many years acting, modelling and fundraising in my teens and 20’s, and I love promoting people and businesses. I also went to NIDA to study TV Presenting, and I enjoy having a sense of humour in everything that I do.


Please check out my social media pages for more content. I hope I inspire you with my work, and I look forward to interacting with you on the page.

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